“All Falls Down” by Kanye West

Kanye West’s All Falls Down

The first jpeg has the two bass lines happening with the top being the main “low” bass part. The second jpeg include my own interpretation of the bass line if I had to play it live – incorporating both parts. Optional to use an octave pedal for the higher bass part too. All of it sound sweet!

“Around the World” by Daft Punk


A 16 bars (4x) | B 16 bars (4x) – on the chart the first time is slightly different but should still be read as 1st time at B.

B vocals 16 bars (4x) | B instrumental and vocals 12 bars (3x) | C 16 bars (4x) | C 16 bars (4x)

D – not in the chart, bass is tacet for 16 bars | A 16 bars (4x) | A 8 bars – tacet last bar | B 16 bars (4x) | C 16 bars (4x)

Vamp A the rest of the song  Around the World – Full Score